Weekend in Charleston :)

Monday again :(  But I had a fabulous weekend - until the very end..

When Shelly, Linsey, and I started our weight-loss challenge a while back, we had set April 15th as our 'half-way point' to reach our goals.  We said that if we stayed on track with our weight-loss that we should treat ourselves to a girls' trip to the beach. So we did :) - but Lins was not able to come because she had plans with her family... :( 

We had a blast though - AND we got to take Lacy and Zsa Zsa :) !!!!

Even though I had the whole day off on Friday (amazing), Shelly didn't get off till midnight!  So we definitely didn't pull into Charleston until around 3:45 or 4 am!  We stayed with Shell's brother, Adam.  It was so much fun to hang out with him and his fiancee Kelley (who is SUPER sweet :) AND their beautiful black lab puppy Rudy!

Saturday we slept in (obviously, lol) and then took showers, ran some errands, and finally made it out to the beach.  We went to Folly Beach.  I had never been there before but the little town seemed really cool and Bohemian-esque :)  We didn't spend much time there.  By the time we set our chairs up, realized that I left my phone @ Wal-Mart, went and got it, and THEN came back to lay out, everybody was kind of miserable.  It was EXTREMELY windy and sand was blowing all over the place and all over us and it was just uncomfortable.  I was fine to stay at the beach but the overall consensus was to go lay out at the pool in Adam's neighborhood.  It felt a ton better there :)

After we laid out, we took showers/got ready, went to Kelley's (BEAUTIFUL) house for a while, and then went downtown to Wet Willie's - which was pretty fun but pretty much the only place I have ever been out at in Charleston, so I was kind of wanting to go somewhere else....... BUT we had a good time :) 

Sunday we went to Adam and Kelley's church - a cool little church downtown that I really liked.  It was Palm Sunday and I found the sermon to be very moving.  I really enjoyed it :)  It can sometimes be hard to comprehend exactly HOW MUCH Jesus sacrificed for us and the price that he paid - and we don't deserve one bit of it!  I never want to take for granted the amazing gift of eternal life that the Lord has so generously given me..

After church we ate lunch, laid out at the pool for a while, went BACK downtown for awhile to walk/shop around, and then went to the MOST AMAZING Mexican restaurant everrrrrrrrrr, Zia! Seriously.  It is amazing. We actually ended up eating there twice while we were there - which I was excited about lol :)

Shelly and I headed out after dinner :(  Of course the weekend went by TOO fast.  We didn't get back to Gville until around 12:15. I was so exhausted. ..There were some troubling things that came to my attention that night (hence the part of the weekend that was NOT fun) but there has been a lot of praying and there will continue to be......God has a plan.

*      *      *

Anyway, another bummer - when I got back, my fiance had taken it upon himself to give away TWO of my babies!  Nanner and Ollie/Moe - but luckily he gave one of them to his friend so we will still be able to see him. I was pretty sad that I didn't get to say bye to them...  Now we just have Piston and Mary (BTW these are all Ben's names - if we keep any of them the names will be updated. Lol)

These are the only angels left :( 
Good news though, Mary (left) is my favorite. bI had told my Uncle that he could have her though - he had his heart set on her.. BUT he recently told me it would not be a good time for a new kitty SO there is still a chance that I can talk Ben into keeping her......  :)
Wedding Planning:
- I have consultations set up with Tim Holmes Catering on April 30 and with Holly's Cakes the next day :)  I think this will mean tastings :)! My mom wants to come up for the weekend too to help me get some more stuff done and go to the consultations with me.  We will probably go talk to a florist, continue to look for decor, etc..  I am excited about meeting with them - I hope they do a good job!
- Personalized M&M's came in:

I think they will be so cute to put in favor bags :)
- Got the proofs for invitations/water bottle labels.  These are the stickers that will be on the water bottles set out for the guests outside (my mom's idea that she is dead set on..)  She thinks it will be really hot (which will be FINE with me, as long as it's not cold/dreary/rainy)  Ughhhh.  I'm already worrying about that..

The Nutrition Facts are kind of cheesy.  But oh well - they're just water bottles :) lol

- Ben and I also went to start registering for gifts on Friday. (He had taken the day off too.)  We went to Target and Bed Bath.  We have pretty much decided on Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Williams-Sonoma, and MAYBE World Market - is 4 way too many??  Ben hated registering so we cut it a little short.  He was getting grumpy because I was picking everything out and not letting him... (Sorry Babe!)  We have very different styles - me: very classic style, him: modern and WEIRD lol - pretty much the weirder the better..  Poor thing. I'll go by myself (or with my mom) to finish up.

- Still (obviously) a ton to do for the wedding!  I need to start working on the playlist for the DJ.  It is really cool because we get to pick out every song online and customize it.  I wanted to be able to do that because music is such a big deal to Ben and I and we're kind of picky about it (moreso me). 

Well. I'm getting tired and I have to take Ben to the airport @ 6:30 in the morning!  He's going to Chicago for training for work (his first big-boy business trip!)... It is only for one night but I still worry about him flying! I hate it. I know I worry too much...... 

Going to try to get some sleep.  I have a feeling 6 am will come VERY quickly!


Oh and I think I am going to change the URL for my blog (again). It's not very creative and I don't like having my full name on it - soooo I don't really know what will happen when I do that - if everything will just be redirected or if I have to tell my MANY MANY bloggers my new address........ I guess I'll find out.





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