Ben and I are sooooo excited.  We booked our Honeymoon tonight!  I have been researching different places online pretty much all week but nothing has stood out to me as being just right for us.  Ben Googles things (houses, honeymoon, HIDEOUS shows that he wants to wear to our wedding lol, etc.) about as much as I do - A LOT - and he found a place today that he really liked.  Antigua in the West Indies :)  I didn't/don't know much about it at all but it looks AMAZING and exactly what I have been picturing in my head as an ideal Honeymoon destination......

Cocos Hotel where we will be staying:

We will stay in our own private cottage!

I can't WAIT to wake up to this view....... Incredible!

SOOOOOOOO excited!!!

We both immediately agreed that we loved this place and went ahead and booked it!  We will only be able to go for 5 nights because of our work schedules :(  BUT I know it will be amazing.  We found a REALLY good deal and the package is all-inclusive (which is what we wanted).  Package includes all 3 meals plus an afternoon tea, drinks, sodas, liquor, wine, everything! And snorkeling, kayaking, and spa treatments for both of us!  Everything's starting to feel so real now! Can't wait for September.

I also think I found a reception dress that I might get, to change into after the ceremony because my dress will be so heavy.  I haven't completely decided on it but I'm pretty sure I'll get it.  It is more sleek and light. and will be a TON easier to dance/move around in at the reception.  Plus it is a totally different style than my other dress so I will kind of be able to wear the best of both worlds..
And no I won't post a picture of this dress online - I have learned my lesson ;)

I have a lot to do tomorrow: cleaning/organizing, errands, finding homes for the kittens, going to look at a townhouse with Ben.. and I have the day off :) THANK GOD!

Peace, Love, and Blogs.



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