My 4 Babies

Soooooo, on Monday I found 4 PRECIOUS little kittens on Ben's porch!  I didn't know what to do!  I went off to Wal-Mart and PetSmart and bought a bunch of supplies for the momma cat and her kittens.

Haven't seen much more of the momma.. but I didn't want her to take them anyway because 1) they are ADORABLE and I wanted to keep every single one lol, and 2) I didn't want them to be stray cats for the rest of their lives wandering around and searching for food and probably getting hit by a car...... :(

Here are the little angels:

Aren't they so cute?? I can't believe how different each of them look!  I am already growing attached to all of them - even though I know there is no way we can keep them :(  Ben has always told me how much he "hates cats".... That's funny seeing as when I came back from work the first day, he was sleeping on the couch with all 4 of them curled up on his stomach and he had named them all, AND he said it was ok for me to keep one :)  hmmmmm... He def loves them!  He named them: Nanner (yellowish-beige one - he is VERY vocal and the biggest pig when it comes to eating), Piston (grey one who gets very possesive of his food and hisses at the others when they come near), Moe (orange one - total cuddle bunny), and my favorite Mary (the little calico who is sooooooo sweet and playful).  All of them are boys except for Mary, the little girl :)  I love them all so much lol.  I had decided that as long as Flex was ok with her, that I would keep Mary, but Uncle Bryan called me yesterday and wants her very badly.  I agreed because he recently lost his cat, Scamp, of like 17 years and I know he will love her very much, AND I will still get to see her when I go to Columbia.....  So I am sad but also happy for him.

* * *

In other wedding-planning news, 2 of the 2 people that read my blog (lol) have BOTH been demanding that I take the picture of my wedding dress off of my blog (even though my fiance' does not even know the address to my blog AND I dont have the address on Facebook or anything - the only people that can see it are the people I have given the address to....) But whatev.  I took it off - HAPPY?? Now, Lins will still take our engagement pictures on May 14th! :)  She told me she wouldn't do them until I took it down.....

Yesterday I had the day off work :) so I tried to be as productive as possible.  I got up early, fed the babies, mailed off some checks for the deposits for the caterer and the DJ, did my taxes, went to the tanning bed, went to Trousseau's off of Augusta Rd with Jessica to order my rehearsal dinner dress, then we went to Ulta, PetSmart, and Wal-Mart, THEN met up with the boys to eat pizza @ Happy Pie - I know, I know, REALLY good for my diet : / ...then I came back and stayed up till 3 in the morning ordering stuff online!

- I ordered my invitations/response cards from weddingpaperdivas.com , which had some REALLY cute stuff and was not expensive at all :) Here is an idea but I took a pic of the computer so the coloring is off and it's showing lines:

- Response cards (minus the entree selection - that won't be on there):

- I also ordered some personalized M&M's to put in favor bags:

Haha. I think they are so cute :)  And don't worry - I researched it - M&M's stay good for 13 months so they will be fine by the time September rolls around...

- I ordered some koozies for the bar area:

Koozies will be black with white print.  I thought this quote would be kinda cute/unique but Ben HATES it! Lol.  He thinks it is making fun of his name..?  Oh well, I already ordered 100 of them ;) ....  I told him that if it would make him feel better he can order some that make fun of my name (i.e. 'What the BUCK did I just do? September 4, 2011'  lol)  What are everyone's thoughts?  Are the Chappell ones too cheesy? Or cute?

- I also ordered some water bottle lables for the guests that won't be drinking alcohol.  I don't have a picture of the end result of what they will look like but here is an idea:

The label color will be coral instead of black and will have this pic on it:

I hope they turn out good :)

- I also ordered a coral monogrammed pashmina from marleylilly.com (really cute website).  I ordered one for myself to see what it looks like before I decide on those as a bridesmaid gift...

I had so much fun last night online shopping/ordering :)  I didn't end up going to bed until super late (like 4am!)  I don't know why but I just could NOT fall asleep - may have something to do with the Diet Coke I drank at dinner... Oops.

Well. Back to online shopping/getting ready for work (ugh).......

See ya <3



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