So, I am officially realizing HOW MUCH goes into planning a wedding!  I love it though - it's so fun picking everything out :)  So far we have:

- set the date: September 4, 2011!!! :)
- set the venue: The Duncan Estate in Spartanburg:
- ordered my dress
- picked out the bridesmaid dresses:

**(this dress but in BLACK)
- reserved the caterer (Tim Holmes Catering), the bakery (Holly's Cakes), the music (Jumping Jukebox)...
- picked out the colors (black, white, and coral)
- picked out my rehearsal dinner dress:  Britt Ryan and I love it! :)

.......So anyway, we have a lot down, but still a lot to do....  I still have to figure out a florist and decor (fun stuff).  My FAVORITE flowers are peonies:

(and this is the coral color I want) BUT peonies are a spring flower and it is a pretty short season for them so, in late summer (i.e. Sept 4th) they will be either impossible to get OR extremely expensive..  So I'm currently looking for an alternative that has a similar look and that I can get in coral AND that I can get in late summer/early fall... So far I have heard cabbage roses, garden roses, or dalihas all can have a similar look, so we shall see.........I am having fun though!  I could do this for a living :)

More later.


Anonymous said...

flowers are incredibly expensive!!
I definitely recommend Gretchens ABS bakery in Mauldin for your cake.
They did mine. I took a picture of Jessica Simpsons wedding cake and they did a replica and it was delicious! :)
Now you have to pick out flower girl dresses, tuxes...oh girl it gets to in depth!

ElzBuck said...

Yeah I have heard flowers are super expensive but I haven't even started looking/pricing for that yet! I wasn't sure what to do about my cake - I'm not familiar with the bakeries around here. We have a consultation with Holly's Cakes set up bc Jessica recommended her. I have a picture of what I want too (I think I showed it to you) but it is VERY simple - so I hope she does good :)

But yeah there is SO much to do! I feel like I have already done a lot but there are so many little details!


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