Hoppy Easter!

It's Easter Sunday and it was such a beautiful day!  Ben and I, Lacy, Flex, AND the last two kitties (Piston and Mary) went down to Columbia last night so that we could be with my family for Easter (Ben's family has been at the beach visiting his grandmother and we weren't able to go). We didn't get to Cola until late because we were at my friend Lauren's bridal shower at Jessica and Gary's house until around 11 or so....
We had a good (and sometimes hard) time in Columbia - even though it was very brief.  The family loved the kittens :)  We went to my parent's new church this morning (great Easter message!), then went to visit Grandmuddy.  It was hard for me to see her because I was not expecting her to look as unhealthy as she did.  She was VERY thin (down to 109 pounds), very tired looking, and had a lot of built up fluid in her abdominal area so it almost looked like she was pregnant.  She did not have very much energy at all - she was not her normal lively self that's for sure :(  This was very hard but we just have to keep praying and hope that she was just having a bad day, and will feel a lot better after her surgery on May 2nd.  After we left Grandmuddy's, we went to Grabby's to visit.  He has been doing miraculoulsy well these days! :)  The doctor had originally only given him a couple of days to live, but that was weeks ago and he seems to be doing better and better instead of declining.  This was very encouraging after seeing Grandmuddy in her state.  I think our constant prayers are helping him a lot :)  We only stayed at Grabby's briefly.  Uncle Bryan went with us out to eat and we got to ride in Grabby's 76 (I think?) Caddy convertible.  Mikey got to drive it and he was super nervous at first bc that car is HUGE - it didn't even seem like it was going to fit inside the lanes!  Ben LOVES this car so he asked Grabby if we could use it to drive off in for the wedding. So Uncle Bryan will be chauffering us away in it - him and Ben are very excited about this, lol - I guess it's a guy thing......

After lunch we headed back to Gville, drove by a couple of houses that Ben has been looking at online, then went out to eat at Mimi's (one of my absolute favorite restaurants here), and then went to see an Easter movie Hop, which was cute :)  I dared Ben to hop up to the movie ticket place..  I didn't think he would do it but when it came time for us the pay for tickets, he said "Hi, 2 adults for..." <and then he hopped in place>  I was hiding behind him laughing at him bc he looked so stupid..I couldn't stop laughing.  The girl was just like, "I can't hear you. What?"  and he said "2 for Hop please".  It was a total bust.  Lol.  He is so silly......I'm about to fall asleep typing this - off to bed!  More later!!!



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